Three simple letters

There is three letters in my name. Still people to this day can misspell the given name my parents thought was impossible to misspell – I have seen it written countless amount of times… Continue reading

Short Circuit

They say it takes one puff of ice to become addicted, 28 days to lose a habit , 6 months to know a new job and 1 year to be comfortable doing it… Continue reading

Choose Wisely

“Take your time, they’re all good men. Choose carefully before settling down for one of my mates”   These wise words came out of the mouth of a drunken man in my first… Continue reading

Sorry, I’m in a Serious Relationship

With myself… Am I a selfish person? Probably more than others. My relationship status has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that, I prefer being in a… Continue reading

A Relatively Good Time a Year

Oh the holidays!  A time to share with loved ones surrounded by beautiful comforting decorations and delicious home cooked meals, let’s not forget magical booze.  The liquid courage which helps us tolerate some… Continue reading

Tears Of Joy

There are certain conversations that trigger nostalgic feelings within a person.  I’m talking about a little bell going off in your head shooting you far away into memory-land where you keep your most… Continue reading

Collective Burn Book

Guilty. I definitely research guys I don’t know on Google/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn before going on dates with them. I also have a tendency to ask friends in common if they know any juicy details on… Continue reading

Bi the Way… There’s More

Now that I’ve defined the type of attraction, I believe, it takes to consider yourself bisexual. Let’s talk about emotionial drive. This is the bigger question, the one lots of people know the… Continue reading

Bi the Way

Last week, I had a conversation, with my cousin Lee, about a recent trend she’s been observing in her entourage.  It went a little something like this: Lee: So I’m going through Facebook… Continue reading

Serial Dater

“What’s your number?” He wasn’t talking about my phone number; he wanted to know how many people I slept with in my life. Way back when, it was a funny common truth or… Continue reading